Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 'Must do' Safety Boating Tips

motor boat

Owning a boat is never easy. Whether you are fishing or just sailing through your motor boat, you should follow these tips:

Check the Weather

For some reason, it is not always safe to rely on the predictions of your weather provider. So, to be safe, look for the darkening clouds, changing winds or any weather disturbances. Be sure not to get into the water if there black clouds and strong winds. It is a strong sign that a strong typhoon will be coming. Get out of the water immediately if the sudden change occurs.

Make a checklist

Before heading into the water, make sure that important things should not be left behind. Bring supplies that you think that might be helpful on your trip. Some of the things that I think is helpful are: flashlight, first aid kit, additional life jackets, audio distress signal and visual distress signal. All of these can be helpful in emergency situations and can save your life. I also recommend you to bring food supplies and army knife in case you’ve been casted away to an island.

Knowledge of the boat

Make sure that you know all the features of your boat. Aside from the boat also know the blueprint of the lake or most likely the body of water that you will be passing on your trip. Like what I said before, this will be very useful when that unexpected event happen.

Ask help from the passengers

If you need assistance never hesitate on asking the help from your passengers. They might help you on navigating or looking out for a certain boat and some of the hazards in the sea.

Avoid freezing water

If you accidentally fall into a freezing water, you should immediately swim out of it and dry yourself immediately. It will be very difficult to survive if you will be freezing cold. It is said that freezing water takes almost 32 times of your body’s heat than cold air.

Learn to swim

This is one of the most essential safety tip as this mostly would be your last resort of surviving if you have nothing else to count on to but yourself.

Do not Drink Alcohol

Lastly, never head into the water with the influence of alcohol. The risk of engaging yourself into accident will be higher because it makes your reaction time slower than normal.

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For further details you can watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5Lp2GJHVnM